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This tulasi, abandoning all worldly pleasures, went to badarikashrama in the himalayas and started doing penance there with the prayer that mahavishnu should become her husband.


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ing sithopaladi choornam, guduchi, sugar, amruta, processed in extracts from apamarga tulasi rasna.

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because her beauty was incomparable, the sages called her tulasi.

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narayana answered, when tulasi disappeared, the afflicted hari went to tulasi-vana the forest of holy tulasi , worshiped her and adored her with the hymn, i adore my beloved vrinda who in one place grows in the form of plants.

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gli scienziati del central drug research institute, lucknow, in india, ha scoperto che i costituenti di tulasi mantenere normali livelli di cortisolo, l ormone dello stress nel corpo.

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in that house, where this tulasi stava is present, misfortune never visits, not even by accident, and the goddess of fortune will happily reside there.
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One who hears tulasi devi s glories will have all his sinful reactions, stored from many births, destroyed and very quickly attain the lotus-feet of sri sri radha-krishna.

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